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Meeting in the Middle
Positive Parenting in Two Households

Per Virginia Code, the parties to any petition where a child whose custody, visitation or support is contested must show proof that they have attended within the 12 months prior to their court appearance, or that they will attend within 45 days thereafter, an approved educational program that is a minimum of 4-hours and conducted by a qualified person approved by the court.

Vera teaches, through FairField Center, a Zoom class that meets the parent education guidelines developed by the Supreme Court of Virginia. It's open to the public and would benefit anyone serving in a parental role who wants to learn more about co-parenting in separate households.


Even with the best of circumstances, co-parenting a child in different homes through separation and divorce can be challenging. This class provides parents with the opportunity to think critically about what is best for their child and how they can work together to accomplish it. Some of the topics discussed are:


  • Developmental stages of children

  • Options for dealing with conflict

  • Improving communication skills

  • Co-parenting and parallel parenting

The class helps parents understand how their words and actions impact their children and provides information to co-parents so that they may provide their children a healthy and happy lifestyle. Although separation will change how families work, co-parents can still be a source of stability and comfort for their children as long as they commit to resolving conflict in a peaceful and productive manner.


Taking the class is recommended prior to child custody/visitation/support mediation as it helps build a foundation and skill set that can be useful in the mediation process.

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The 4-hour class allows for discussion and interaction in a supportive atmosphere. A computer, tablet or phone with a strong internet connection and video and audio capability is needed. The manual and materials are sent by email.


Vera teaches the class two Saturdays a month and there is also a weekday option available, led by another instructor. Register at the FairField Center website:

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