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Conflict can be defined as one or more of these: a controversy, discord, protracted argument, clash, struggle, strong disagreement, argument, antagonism or opposition of interests or principles. It typically has a negative nuance, but can be beneficial when constructively managed and can be a positive opportunity for learning, insight, new perspectives and connections.

What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict coaching is a confidential, one-on-one meeting between a client and a coach who is skilled in conflict resolution. Like a personal consultant, a coach helps one party gain perspective on the conflict, make decisions about next steps and learn key communication skills. Conflict coaching enables the client to discuss the situation, consider options for managing the conflict and plan for a solution. 

In short, you come to us with a problem and we work alongside you to try and help you solve or move through the issue or improve conditions, using experience and methods of support. It can be a one-time session or a more ongoing relationship of offering resources.

Conflict coaching can be useful in a variety of circumstances, including conflicts in the workplace, separation and divorce, family disagreements or business conflicts. The coach can serve as a confidential listener, help the client to see the situation from all perspectives, support the client in considering options and help the client to come up with a plan. The client is responsible for the outcome, and they are better equipped to make decisions on managing the situation.


The process is a good option if one party refuses mediation, and the other party wants personalized individual support.


A typical Zoom conflict coaching session lasts up to two hours.

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