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Meet Vera Hailey
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Judiciary Certified Mediator, Conflict Coach, Trainer, Group Facilitator, Restorative Justice Practitioner, Co-Parenting Educator

Hello there!


As a magistrate for 20+ years, I had a front row seat in an array of conflicts and difficult situations. I believe that most civil issues can be solved or eased by communication, which is a hallmark of conflict resolution.


My mediation style is a combination of evaluative and facilitative, sharing information and experience as areas of compromise and agreement are identified. Circle Process is a method that I often use for group conflict resolution facilitation. My Conflict Coaching and Restorative Justice clients benefit from my judicial experience in formulating a plan to address the matter at hand. My Meeting in the Middle: Co-Parenting in Two Households seminars draw on both professional and personal experience. I enjoy providing training and group facilitation for businesses and organizations.  


On a personal note, I'm insatiably curious about many things, love British mysteries, am working on the restoration of a former synagogue, enjoy traveling with my daughter and I volunteer at the front desk at the R.R. Smith Center in Staunton, where I share knowledge of local history.  


It’s my hope that this site will explain our services and provide relevant resources for your situation. 



  • Staunton/Augusta/Waynesboro Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court Restorative Justice Community Conferencing Pilot Program Facilitator

  • Mediator Certification for General District, Juvenile & Domestic Relations, Circuit Family, Circuit Civil - Supreme Court of Virginia

  • Mediation, Group Facilitation and Restorative Justice Training - FairField Center

  • Magistrate, Supreme Court of Virginia - 1996-2018

  • Eastern Mennonite University - CJP Summer Peacebuilding Institute - Restorative Justice, Conflict Coaching, Circle Processes

  • Regent University School of Law & Richmond Law - Competition Judge for Alternative Dispute Resolution National Invitational Representation in Mediation

  • National Center for State Courts - Certified Court Manager & Certified Court Executive

  • National Judicial Institute on Domestic Violence - Enhancing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases Certificate

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Trainer Certification - Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

  • Blue Ridge Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training

  • Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center Collaborative Leader Training - Virginia Department of Education

  • Judicial Representative - Virginia Public Safety Work Group for Autism

  • Therapeutic Options (TOVA) Instructor – Wall Residences

  • Therapeutic Foster Parent – People Places, Inc.

  • Foster Care Mentor - Shenandoah Valley Department of Social Services

  • Real Estate Investor/Manager 20+ years & Airbnb Superhost


Vera is one of three mediators in Virginia to be certified by MC3, a nonprofit organized to ensure user and public confidence in the mediation process by setting standards for training, education and ethics and by maintaining those standards through a certification program. MC3 has set a higher standard of review than other credentialing agencies in mediator education including an ongoing requirement for continuing education as well as a requirement that MC3-Certified Mediators have an understanding of and familiarity with legal/litigation terminology and courtroom procedures as well as the ethics that guide mediation practice and policy. All MC3-Certified Mediators complete employment background checks and have agreed to a Quality Assurance program.


  • Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind (VSDB) Foundation Board

  • Greater Augusta Coalition Against Adult Abuse Board

  • Mediators Beyond Borders International

  • Virginia Mediation Network

  • FairField Center

  • Central Virginia Community Justice Advisory Council

  • Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

  • Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce

Mediators Beyond Borders
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Meet David I. McCaskey


Judiciary Certified Mediator

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I recently read that the still-performing grandfather in a family of circus tightrope acrobats said that “The rope is life; everything else is just waiting.”  I do not have that clarity of purpose in my life but can perhaps describe my rope as a network of rabbit trails that allows me to explore things that let me use my hands and exercise some creativity, if only in the choice of fork in the trail.

My personal time is used for many things: painting pictures, welding sculpture; playing music, repairing old fiddles; maintaining and riding an old-fashioned motorbike with my dog in the sidecar; researching and writing about history and oddities such as Civil War anvils and thinking out the impossible to document reasons for bits of life such as the fact that elevator chimes ring once for up, twice for down; keeping bees; rigging to move heavy objects; and saving or restoring old buildings (including the Fannie Thompson House in Greenville, Virginia, the home of a formerly enslaved person, listed on the National Register of Historic Places).

All my life, as a farm kid, student, Army officer and lawyer, I’ve been in the position where I have been presented with a problem and expected to provide the correct or desired answer or solution. Making decisions and implementing them was the way of life those experiences demanded. In most instances that involved quick evaluation of the difficulty and providing immediate and direct instructions or action to resolve things.

In contrast, mediation allows clarification of joint purpose, recognition of the legitimate intensity of feeling as people have unsuccessfully dealt with conflict and the application of available resources by both parties to meet the actual needs of both without “winners” or “losers.”

I enjoy working as a mediator, guiding people to understand and respect others’ positions, reminding them to understand how expectations of both are honestly created, grounding them in their honest evaluation of the available resources and facilitating a solution where they, not me, are the decision maker.



  • Staunton/Augusta/Waynesboro Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court Restorative Justice Community Conferencing Pilot Program Facilitator

  • Mediator Certification for General District, Juvenile & Domestic Relations, Circuit Family - Supreme Court of Virginia

  • Mediation Training - FairField Center

  • Private Law Practice 1979 - 2020

  • Law Practice – Criminal Defense, Wills & Estates, Extensive Social Security Disability Representation

  • B.A. Independent Studies/Corrections - University of Virginia

  • J.D. Marshall-Wythe School of Law - College of William and Mary

  • Admitted to Virginia Bar

  • Admitted to Federal Bar for Eastern District of Virginia and Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Admitted to Federal Bar for Western District of Virginia

  • Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Augusta County, Virginia – 4 years

  • Guardian ad Litem for Incapacitated Children & Adults

  • Captain, Field Artillery USAR (inactive) service with United States Army 1977-79


  • Virginia Mediation Network

  • Virginia State Bar

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