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Want to learn more about our services? Submit the confidential "Contact Us" form (link below) and we'll be in touch. If you decide to move forward with mediation or conflict coaching, you'll  complete paperwork, including a fee agreement, and schedule the session. A mediator will talk to each party on the phone before the session to answer any questions and gather information so that the mediation time will be more efficient and productive. 


Unless by special arrangement to meet in person, sessions are online using Zoom. You'll need a computer, tablet or phone with internet access and video and audio capabilities in a private place with limited distractions. We will email you a link that will take you directly to the session. Our experience is that meeting online can be as effective as meeting in person and it provides the advantage of convenience to participate from your location.


Services can usually be scheduled within the same week as the initial inquiry and evening and weekend appointments are available. Our goal is to make the process as convenient and stress-free as possible.      

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